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Archive Boxes

Caps Cases are a renowned supplier of archive boxes. We offer a range of products from our famous patented quick assembly archive box the ‘Klikstor’ to the more traditional industry standard base and lid.

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Benefits of the Caps Cases Klikstor:

Quick Assembly – The Klikstor retains the strength and quality of the traditional corrugated cardboard storage box but can be assembled in one simple step. Unlike standard archive boxes that take around 15 seconds to erect, the Klikstor archive box is put together in an instant, saving labour time and cost.

Strength and Durability- The Klikstor is manufactured with a double layer of cardboard around all four internal walls and has a unique self-locking double layered base which makes it is stronger and more durable than normal archive boxes and in turn improves stacking and storing without crushing.

Collapsible and Re-Useable and Recyclable- Klikstor archive boxes fold flat in seconds, and can be used time and time again.

Acid Free Archive Boxes

The acids in regular cardboard paper liners can migrate into your documents and cause them to deteriorate over long periods of time. This creates problems in the storage of valuable items such as art, books and other products where permanence is crucial. We have the manufacturing capability to produce archive boxes with acid free cardboard, this guarantees any product in direct contact with the cardboard will not deteriorate for a period of up to 50 years.

A range of Industry Standard stock tooling

B1 Klikstor Box and Lid
375 x 279 x 240mm
Uses: A4 Paper / hanging Files/ Box files
Pallet quantity: 450

B2 Klikstor Box and Lid
381 x 327 x 252mm
Uses: A4 Box Files
Pallet quantity: 300

B3 Klikstor Box and Lid
457 x 380 x 260mm
Uses: Computer Print outs / A3 Paper
Pallet quantity: 200

B8 Klikstor Box and Lid
380 x 315 x 285mm
Uses: Lever arch Files / Hanging files
Pallet quantity: 450

B11 Klikstor Box and Lid
375 x 279 x 258mm
Uses: A4 Paper / hanging Files / Box files
Pallet quantity: 450

We have a wide range of archive box sizes and styles to choose from, and if you are looking for something bespoke please speak to our sales team.

All of our archive boxes can be printed using up to three colours using high quality flexographic printing to create a design of your choice.

With manufacturing facilities in Suffolk, Glasgow and Hertfordshire we can ensure your corrugated cardboard archive boxes are delivered quickly – and competitively – throughout the UK. Our long established European transport networks mean we can also be a competitive source of corrugated boxes for mainland Europe.

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